Design your own Poncho

18581452_164456954088742_5031943878236700672_n_small2I love ponchos.  I wish I had made more of them, but there are usually other priorities.  The one pictured above is my first and favourite poncho make.  It was relatively inexpensive too as I made it from knit picks mighty stitch.  And it is so delightfully warm!

Ponchos are great for layering in winter or those cooler spring and summer evenings.  You can make them in pretty much any weight yarn too!

I thought I would share with you the basics for creating a poncho so that you might be inspired to make your own one too.  You can make them using squares that you join together, or you can make it with one or two rectangle pieces, depending on which style you prefer.

Below are the two grids that you will need to consider working with.

poncho grid.PNG

The first grid, with the blue and the orange squares allows you to have a poncho that is the same at the back as you see in the front.  Both grids will allow for the second option which is to have the poncho come to a point in the front but will go straight across in the back.  This second option can give you more versatility with how you wear it too.

To use the grids as a guide, each square in the grid represents a square that you need to make.  My grannie poncho pictured has squares that are almost 10cm on each side before joining.  You can make the poncho bigger or smaller by adjusting the size of your square, or you can add extra squares.

If you prefer to, you can also make the ponchos by creating rectangle pieces.  The quickest and easiest option is to make one great long rectangle piece and join as per the second (all blue) grid above.  The next simplest is to make two rectangles that match in size to the blue and the orange areas in the first grid above.  To figure out the size you need, each square represents 10cm x 10cm.

Joining is then the next consideration.

If you want the poncho to look the same at the back as the front, then you need to make the blue/orange style and connect the pieces together along where the blue lines are.

If you want the option that is straight across the back, then you have two choices.  In grid one (the blue/orange), you will join the two short ends together – the blue line to the orange line once the L shape has been made.  The second choice is to use one long rectangle and join where the two blue lines are.  This makes a slightly smaller poncho, but it does give more options for how to wear it.  Also note that the join will be seen at the front if you wear the pointy end forwards, so make sure your joining is neat!

Once you have the poncho shape joined you can then add a border around the top and or the bottom.  It will also allow for you to add a bigger neckline and turn it into a turtle-necks style if you choose the first option for joining.

There really are limitless options for designing your own poncho!

So who is going to try and design their own?  I’m happy to guide you too if you need the help.  Just come and join my facebook group for Help and Ideas!

Seona x

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