How to make a poncho from Granny Squares

This month’s granny square project idea is a poncho! I am always a lover of a poncho and you can get very creative making one from squares.

Your poncho design begins with the square and the yarn. I opted to use the filet square from my Hooked on Crochet Club. I wanted a simple design so that the yarn could so the talking. The yarn I opted for was a Lola Bobbel Box, This one being Rosalie Glitter, and judging by the amount of yarn I had left over and the weight of the finished product I could get two ponchos of this style from the box.

Each square was approximately 10cm x 10cm. I opted for random placement of colour. The layout I used was based on my previous blog for design your own poncho which I wrote some time ago. Instead of 7×4 rows of squares, i went with 8×5 rows to make the final poncho longer. To reduce the amount of joins, I also went with joining the squares in rows and then columns. I used single crochet, and as the box came with 10 colours I left one colour aside to use for joining. Once all the columns and rows were joined I finished by joining the squares along the blue lines from my previous blog post, matching 5 squares instead of 4.

The came deciding on the border. The top neck line I just completed two rounds of single crochet in the joining colour. Before starting on the border I also completed the same around the bottom edge. In the end I merged two border ideas. I started by completing three rounds of one double crochet, chain 1, skip 1 so that it looked like a continuation of the filet squares themselves. I chose the colours at random, but used a new colour for each round. After those three rounds I then did three rounds of a mesh style.

I was super pleased with the finished result. This project is lends itself to so many options! Choose a heavier yarn, make bigger or smaller squares, change up the colour layout, add any border, use a different join technique. It is entirely possible to have a brand new project using the same basic layout every time.

What would you do to make a poncho of your own from granny squares?

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Seona x

Seona x

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