A new poncho

I have a new poncho!  It didn’t quite go to plan as I ran out of yarn and had to go with plan B.  BUT I still love it!


Whenever I design something new there is always a bit of a guessing game as to whether something will work out or not, mostly because I have to take a guess as to how much yarn I will need.  I usually judge it quite well, but there are times when it doesn’t quite work out.

This poncho was one of them.  I had aimed to make two equal sized pieces and turn them into a style poncho I’ve been wanting for a while, but the design I went with for the pieces used up the yarn more quickly than I expected.  I did try and buy more, but alas, it was a hand-dyed yarn and no longer available.  I did take a chance with the dyer and bought two more hanks of a colour that looked very similar when I was purchasing online, but they really weren’t similar enough either!

So all of this means that I pattern I was going to create, won’t get created. If I had accepted that I didn’t have enough yarn I would have continued with one long piece.  But I held out hope and tried with two pieces.  If you missed my previous blog on how to design your own poncho, then be sure to check it out!  There are so many variations for how to make one, that even when it doesn’t go to plan (like this one) then you still have an option to move forward with!  And worse case, you turn it into a cowl (I’ve done that plenty of times before too!

So I am still on a mission to create a poncho that looks the same on the back as the front.  Maybe I’ll make one with squares again and join in the right places this time!  But I will not give up hope…

What have you tried that didn’t go to plan?  I’d love for you to share in the comments below…

Seona xx

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