What can you make from a square a day?

If you’ve followed me for a while then you will know that I am a big advocate of crocheting a square a day.

We currently have an unofficial square a day challenge happening in our facebook challenge group, and come July we’ll be kicking off our next official Square a Day Challenge! You can head over to the group and join now to get going or you can head to my main page and add your name to my email list to hear about the official challenge when we’re ready to kick off.

There are so many things that can be made from squares and you don’t need to limit yourself to blankets.

These cushions were made from a square a day project. You can make the back and the front from squares or you can make the back from a single piece made in rows or rounds. I did both options and the sides made from squares have 16 squares in each. So from just over a month of making squares you can have a single cushion! If you have bigger squares then you can do them even quicker.

You can make a pair of fingerless gloves! All you need is 4 squares to join together.

Turn your squares into coasters. You only need one to make a coaster and 2 or 4 can make a set.

Did you know you only need 56 squares to make a poncho? I’m currently making one as my square a day project. And you can find different methods for making one in this post.

Another option is to make mats. I’m in the process of making a new bathmat from squares in tshirt yarn. Depending on the final style I go with you could have a mat in 6 days!

These are just a few ideas I’m playing with at the moment with squares. The only limit you have is your imagination!

What would you make from a square a day? I look forward to seeing what the challenge brings and the formal announcement and squares will be available soon!

Seona x

2 thoughts on “What can you make from a square a day?

  1. Hi Seona, thank you for sending to col’s computer. I received the spring garden cowl pattern. Looks good. Shall have to try it out. Just started on a shell st shawl for my sister in law who has been in ICU for ten days. Out in a ward now. Things are looking good now. Improving every day. Great news. Just letting you know I received it. Thanks again. Much appreciated.cheers!Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab A on the Telstra Mobile Network


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