Square a Day Challenge is back!

Did you know it’s almost a year since I ran the first square a day challenge?! So it’s only fitting that we have another one this November! Seems like we should make it a tradition now don’t you think?

Never heard of the square a day challenge? The let me explain!

To begin with…it’s free! And the aim is to help you develop a daily crochet habit and gain more confidence in crochet (should you need it). I provide you with patterns to 4 squares that you can choose from, or you can bring your own square to play with. Each day you just need to make a square and post it on the prompt in the private facebook group. It’s that easy!

I have a daily habit of making a square every day, usually first thing in the morning, as a form of meditation and using up my yarn stash. The squares that I pick are always simple so that they don’t take forever to make and you get that satisfaction of having completed something for the day!

So are you ready to make a square a day, every day? For all of November?! If you are then head here to enrol now and receive your free patterns!

If you still need some convincing, then here are the squares you’ll be provided with this time. These are all from the Hooked on Crochet Club. Two have been provided in a previous challenge, and two are new. Which one would you choose to make? And what would you turn them into?

And oops! One of them isn’t square this time!

If you need ideas for what to make, don’t let that hold you back! Sometimes an idea will come to you as you make them. Sometimes you’ll have an idea before you start. And sometimes you’ll change your mind part way through. If you are looking for ideas, then you could read this post here.

So are you in? I can’t wait for us all to get started! Just enrol here now to receive your free patterns and we’ll take it from there…

Seona x

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