Flower garden blanket

We have the square a day challenge starting this weekend, so I thought I would share how I made my Flower Garden Blanket.

I love this blanket! I created it as a square a day project with the intent of using up some of the Scheepjes colour crafter acrylic yarn that I have in my stash. They are such bright and lovely colours! I had 7 colours in total plus white, but only managed a few squares with one of the teal blue shades. The remaining 6 colours (excluding the white) I had close to one full ball of each one.

I ended up making 54 squares before deciding I had enough. The square I used was the Popcorn Flower to square from the Hooked on Crochet Club that is provided in the upcoming square a day challenge. Placement of the squares ended up random and I laid them out as 6 across and 9 down.

To join, I used white yarn and a join as you go technique. It was one that I have used before, but I altered it to make it less lacey. And the border was a simple moss stitch and I alternated white with a colour to get a pretty rainbow effect.

I probably could have made more squares as I still have yarn in each colour left over. So what do you think? I love how bright and happy it is and the border is a favourite for it’s simplicity as well as how pretty it looks.

There is still time to join the square a day challenge too. I’m excited for it starting. Even though it is already habit for me to make a square a day, it is always fun to see what squares everyone else ends up making too!

Seona xx

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