Moss Stitch Tutorial

It’s time for another Stitch tutorial! This month we’re covering the moss stitch.

This one is perfect for a beginner to try. If you can make a chain and can make a single crochet (double crochet if you prefer UK terms), then you’ll be able to do the moss stitch!

If you’re on my email list then the guide will be emailed to you this weekend! Clubhouse members will be able to find it in the stitch and pattern guide libraries in the clubhouse.

If you’re wanting a new stitch guide emailed to you every month then be sure to add your name to my email list! The link will also add your name to the clubhouse waitlist in case you want to know more when the doors open.

If you’ve tried moss stitch then I would love to know your thoughts on the stitch and what you’ve used it for…

Seona x

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