A Blanket Project

I thought it time to share how I made one of my latest blankets.  You might have seen it on instragram as I was sharing it to stories on my Hooked on Crochet Club page as my #squareaday square while it was being made.  If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ll know that I am a big advocate of making a square a day.  I find it to be quite therapeutic and medatative, especially when made in the morning and when keeping it to a relatively simple square.  And to encourage others, I share my morning square after it is made every morning.

The square I used in this blanket was definitely a simple one!  And I love how you can play around with colour to make a simple square look so different.  This blanket was a matching one for the Let’s Go 3D blanket I made my son Blake a couple of years ago.  He wanted a blanket that was a bit bigger and as I still had yarn left over, I decided to make a checkered one with the traditional grannie square.

Now I’ll confess that I didn’t keep accurate track of the quantity of yarn that I used.  But I am almost certain that it was 3 balls of each colour (it might have been 2 of each, but was definitely not 4 of each).  I used the KnitPicks Mighty Soft.  I had forgotten how much I love this yarn!  I don’t love acrylic yarn as much as cottons anymore, but this one is a 20% wool/80% acrylic and it is so beautiful and soft.  And it holds up well too.  I’ve used it for hats, blankets and cushions and love them all.  The colours that I used were Celestial, Navy and White and I used a 5mm hook for the square.


Now this project I not only made the square a day, but I also joined it as I went.  I usually make a random colour placement as I usually use more colours.  But for this one I only had the three colours and I knew what order I wanted them in, so I was able to join as I went.

The square I used was the Solid Grannie Square.  And I’ll share the chart for it below.  This pattern is available in writing in my Hooked on Crochet Club and I have also shared it in my last two square a day challenges.  To join them I used the whip stitch to sew them together.  I put right sides facing and sewed into the back loop only.  I have to say that it was quite rewarding to sew them together as I went.

You can see from the pattern placement that I decided on navy, white, celestial as the order.  I made the navy square the square for each corner, so that ended up dictating the finished size of the blanket.  So you can see from the image below that it ended up as being 7 squares by 10 rows.


The border I kept simple as well.  I did the first round as all single crochet in the navy, making a single crochet, chain 2, single crochet in the corners.  (That’s a double crochet in UK terms).  I then did two rounds in each colour using moss stitch keeping the corners the same as the first round.  And finished with one round of navy in the moss stitch.

I have to say that I am pleased with the final result!  And so was Blake!  He was much happier with the size of this one, which ended up being around 95cm wide and 135cm long.  Perfect for him sitting at his computer with hi long legs.  With 70 squares, making 1 square a day, plus the border it took around 75 days to make.  Not so bad and can easily be made more quickly if you want to make more than one square a day.

I have quite a bit of this yarn left in my stash too in different colours, so we’ll see how many more blankets I end up with.  I’d love to see your versions too, so be sure to tag me or make a comment with the colours you used!

Seona x

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