Quick Crochet Projects for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is quickly approaching us here in Australia so I thought I would put together some patterns for you that would make wonderful gift ideas that you will be able to complete in time.

All patterns that I mention here are in my store and you can still use the 2020WILLGETBETTER coupon code for a discount until the end of May.


These can make for some lovely gifts that you can customise with colour to suit any bathroom or kitchen.  All you need is some 100% cotton.  If you don’t have worsted/aran/10ply in your stash you can easily adapt to make with any ply that you have on hand.



I’m a big fan of hats and beanies and I have a few to choose from.  All are adaptable to the yarn that you have in stock.


This can depend how much time you have as well as the yarn you have available.  All are adaptable to suit your yarn.  Below is a selection of what is available to make.


In my world there is never enough bags!

So what will you be making for mum this year?

Seona x

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