The 5 essential steps to learning to crochet…

Are you wanting to learn to crochet?  Or are you wanting to get back into it after a break for many years?

If you are, or if you know someone that wants to learn crochet, then be sure to keep reading.  And this can apply if you’re already crocheting but keep finding yourself bumping into roadblocks.

I’m in a few free facebook groups where there are people trying to learn to crochet, and there are a number of questions and answers that I see over and over that I aim to address with the 5 essential steps to learning crochet.

I recently went live on instagram and have shared the videos to igtv to cover these 5 steps and now I would like to share them here.

So what problems do I see for newbies to crochet?  Many times, they just don’t know where to start!  And when they try and ask for help many people just respond with “search you tube”.  While that might seem like helpful advice, what are they supposed to search for?  And often the searches or recommended videos will take them to a step in the process of learning that they’re just not ready for.

By not following these 5 essential steps you’re making it harder for yourself to learn.  And if it’s too hard to learn then you’re more likely to give up.

So what are the steps?  And where can you go to learn crochet?

Let’s begin with the steps.

Step 1: Learn the tools.  Before you can learn to crochet it is important to select the right tools.  Yes you can just buy a hook and some yarn, but did you know that yarn comes in different thicknesses, and there are many different hook sizes?  If the yarn you buy does not fit the hook you buy then you’re setting yourself up for difficulties before you start.  And some yarn is easier to work with than others.  So before you start, get familiar with the tools and how to determine which goes with what.

Step 2: Learn to use the tools. This is one of the most important steps that people learning to crochet often skip.  By learning to use the tools – how to hold the hook and yarn, how to make a yarn over and how to make a chain, you’re building the most important foundations for everything that follows.  When you first start out you can feel like you have grown extra fingers and it all can seem impossible to do.  By learning each of these and then practicing them until you feel comfortable and have achieved consistant tension, then you know that you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3: Learn the Basic Stitches.  This is when the fun really starts to kick in.  The basic stitches are made using the skills you learn in step 2.  And I recommend learning the stitches in a certain order because each stitch adds an extra step and skill to the previous stitch learned.  What are the basic stitches and which order should you learn them?  They’re single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.  Or if you use UK terms (which you won’t if you’re just starting out!) then the same stitches are called double crochet, half treble and treble.  And when you’re learning the basic stitches, learn them by just making them in a chain.  Don’t try to turn them into anything. Just practice making the stitches until you’re comfortable doing them.

Step 4: Learn to use your Basic Stitches.  There are so many ways to use the basic stitches once you learn them.  And there are some foundation “rules” to go with them.  Learn by keeping it simple and practice working in rounds and rows without getting fancy and you’ll have the foundations you’ll need for almost anything that comes next!

Step 5: Learn the rest!  Once you have the foundations sorted it becomes much easier to move on to learning more.  And this is where you can find yourself learning forever!  There are special stitches, reading patterns, designing your own work, creating a virtually unlimited supply of projects just by using different combinations of colours, stitches and techniques.  Step 5 is where you can get really and truly hooked.

So where should you go to learn?

Where you go to learn is going to be dependent on your preferred learning style!  Some of us learn better from watching (videos or workshops), some by reading (words and/or pictures) and some by hearing or doing.  And then we might prefer a combination of these.  I know I learn best by reading and doing, and occassionally need to see a demonstration if the description just doesn’t make sense.

And that is why I have created my free beginners guide and videos to get you started.  The guide has all that you need to know in whichever learning style you prefer.  And inside my Hooked on Crochet Club I also have the Stitches Beginner Course which has each step broken down even further in all the learning styles.  And by being in the clubhouse it also means that you can continue learning new things forever!

If you already know you preferred learning style then you can always grab the free download to see exactly what each lesson should be and head to your favourite place to search and learn.

Learning to crochet just got easier!

So who now feels ready to learn to crochet?!  If you want to join the clubhouse and have access to the full beginners course, then you’re in luck because I currently have the doors open for an extended time.  They will be closing again in May and will stay closed until July, so get in while you can or add your name to the waitlist.

I can’t wait to see more people learning crochet!

Seona xx

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