Moss Stitch Border

It’s time to kick off my new washcloth series! This series is the second and focuses on giving you different borders to try out. I have designed the washcloths so that the stitch of the main part is basic. This allows you to work them up quickly so that you can get to the border sooner. It will also mean that you can compare the different borders against the same stitch.

So lets kick this off.

This first border is using the moss stitch. I love this border as it doesn’t require much in the way of math. And because the foundation round needs to be an even number, it is easy to fudge if your count is out by one. I also love that it is so simple, and can be made to look different every time just by switching up your colour combos. And you can make it what ever number of rounds that you want. Once the foundation round and the first round is complete, it’s all easy from there.

In this washcloth I alternated two colours that were different to the main body of the washcloth. I then finished with two rounds of the main colour. In the past I have also used an ombre effect and alternated different colours with white. Each one gives a unique effect that I love as you can see below.

This series will be available in the places below and will be sent to and to all my clubhouse members. If you purchase from my online store or etsy you will also receive a printable stitch guide for the moss stitch. If you want to try it out on your own then use my moss stitch tutorial to guide you.

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Seona x

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