Washcloth Series: 07 – Sunshine

Are we really up to number 7 already?! If you’ve missed the first 6, then be sure to check out the links at the end of this post as I will link to them all for you.

This one is another super simple one that plays around with single crochet. Texture is created by skipping a stitch, making a single crochet then going back and and making a single crochet into the stitch skipped.

The yarn used in this washcloth (as with all of them) is Knit Picks Dishie.

The instructions for US terms are included here. If you prefer UK terms, the single crochet is a double crochet.

BeginChain 40
 Row 11sc in the second chain from the hook and each chain across.  Ch1 and turn.
 Row 21sc in the first stitch.
Skip the next sc from the row below,
1sc in the next stitch,1sc in the stitch just skipped
Skip the stitches made. Repeat the steps in bold across until no stitches remain.  Ch1 and turn.
Row 3 –  31Repeat row 2 until row 31 or until desired size is reached. – approx. 21cm x21cm.
Rnd 1Create the border
Side 1 (row 32): 1sc in each stitch, 2 stitches in the corner
Side 2: aim for 1sc around last stitch of each row, 2 stitches in the corner
Side 3: 1sc in each stitch, 2 stitches in the corner
Side 4: aim for 1sc around last stitch of each row, 2 stitches in the cornerss to the top of the 1st sc.  
Rnd 2Ch2 (counts as 1sc, ch1).  Work 1sc, ch1 into each stitch.  At the corners work 1sc, ch1, 1sc, ch1 into the 1st corner stitch. Ss to the 1st chain of the 1st ch2.  Fasten off.

If you’re wanting a pdf of the pattern then it is available for purchase in these locations:

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crafts

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Seona x

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