Fairy Floss Sparkle Lola

It’s time to release my first Lola pattern!  With another Lola scarf in progress, 4 more Lola’s sitting on my shelf and another 4 in transit to me, I suspect you’ll see a few more of these patterns this year too!

This one was made with a Glitter Lola.  I kept the design simple so that the glitter thread could shine.  Sometimes it’s the yarn that does the talking more than the design.

It’s a lovely open, floaty shawl with a bit of flare added in the border.  I did have almost 40g of yarn left too (fall back of designing sometimes), so you could even add an extra row or two to your version.

And don’t limit yourself to the glitter Lola, or even to Lola.  This will work with any gradient yarns that you have around!


This will be a quick make for you too as there is a single row repeat until you get to the border!  Perfect for sitting in front of the tv and mindlessly crocheting.

You can get this pattern in all my usual places!

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crochet | knitcrate

I can’t wait to see your version!

And before you go…have you seen that I have the Hooked on Crochet Club coming soon?  Check it out on facebook

Seona x

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