Something New is Coming!

I’m excited as I have something new in the pipeline…

Why is it exciting?

It’s exciting because it will mean that I can provide more crochet to more people more often!

What is it?

That I can’t tell you.  Not just yet anyway.  But I promise that if you want to learn to crochet, or you want to improve on your crochet skills, and you want to get access to more patterns more often, that it will definitely be something that you will be excited for too!

I’m really looking forward to this as it will help me do more to meet my mission of getting more and more people to love crochet!

So if you’re hooked already, or know someone that might be, then be sure to join my mailing list.   Anyone that is on my list will be given the inside scoop on just what it is that I am creating…and you’ll be given first dibs on it too…

More details will be coming soon, but be sure to spread the word and join my list if you haven’t already!  You will also get something for free just for joining too…


Seona x


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