Adore Me Baby Blanket

I recently made this baby blanket for a friend/ex-colleague whose wife had their second baby.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to design a baby blanket and I finally had one!

I have always wanted to design a blanket that is a single colour and the texture becomes the design.  Texture is one of my favourite things about crochet!

I had some Morris and Sons Avalon Pima Cotton on hand so decided to buy some more and create this blanket.  It is an absolutely devine cotton!  So thick and squishy and it was the perfect yarn for this pattern.


This pattern is available in all my usual places:

Online Store | Etsy | Ravelry | Love Crochet | KnitCrate

I would love to see your versions too, and if you choose a different yarn I would love to know which one!

This pattern is suitable for a pram or car blanket, though I have included instructions for how to make it larger or smaller if you prefer too.

I should probably send it to the new parents now too!

Seona x

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