For a long time now I have had making a bathmat on my ‘to do list’, and I finally did it!

This one was made for our kids bathroom.  Most of my children are boys so they might not be too thrilled by the colours, but I’m loving it.

I used t-shirt yarn that I purchased from Adelaide Hills Yarns Co

The pattern I used was from the book Mandalas to Crochet which is chock full of awesome mandalas to make!

The mat was quite gathered when I had finished it, but was easily rectified by putting it through the rinse cycle on my washing machine and then putting it out to dry on a towel in the sun.

If you haven’t worked with t-shirt yarn before, then be prepared for an arm and shoulder work out.  I managed to get this made in one afternoon/evening, but my next one will be made more patiently so that my arm remains intact!  I was too determined to get it finished and could barely lift my arm by the end.  I needed lots of rest and stretch times by the last few rows.  I also left out the last 3 rounds of the pattern I chose too.  Partly as it got big enough and partly because my arms couldn’t cope if I was to finish before bed.

So what do you think?  I would love to see your attempts too if you try one!

Seona x

3 thoughts on “Bathmat

  1. The link is in the blog above – I used a mandala from the book Mandalas to crochet. I didn’t make all the rounds of the one I used though as it got to the size I needed before then. There is a link to where I bought the yarn from too, though similar ones can be purchased in other places.


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