Change is happening…

I’m excited!  This week I made the decision to put all of my efforts into my crochet business and ditch a second business that I had been working on on the side.  More focus means more crochet and more things for you!

I have grand visions of more workshops, more on-line tutorials, more collaborations, and even a membership!  All of that can happen now that I can focus entirely on crochet.  And I truly hope that you’ll join me on this journey as I am building it all for you!

So if you can say yes to even one of these…

  • you love to crochet.
  • you want to develop your crochet skills more.
  • you want to move beyond following You Tube tutorials.
  • you want the confidence to create your own designs
  • you want to be able to read patterns

Then you really should join me!

There are a few ways at the moment that you can join me on this journey.

You can sign up to my email list.  Signing up will give you immediate access to my current beginner course and a free pattern!

You can follow me on facebook.  This page is about to get more interactive and a lot more fun!

You can follow me on instagram.  This is where I post progress shots of my latest work and show my latest pattern release.

You can join my free facebook group for Help and ideas.  I have been going live in there every week to show members how to perform a stitch they need help with.

I would love for you to join me!  And if you’ve just stumbled across this blog and wondering who the heck I am, then hi!  My name is Seona and I taught myself to crochet to honour my Grannie.  I became addicted and before I knew it I was in business!  You can read more about me and what I am all about here.

So spread the word!  Share with a friend, and come and join me!  I would love to meet you all and help you to grow your love of crochet even more too!

1336 - 018.jpg

Seona xx

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