Boho Whirl

We have another whirl pattern!  I just can’t seem to get enough of the gradient yarns and the whirl is definitely a favourite.

This one I have named Boho Whirl as that is the look I was going after.  I wanted a more textured body with a simple border on it and so that’s what I did!

And this is the first pattern that I have also included the instructions for the basic stitches in addition to the special stitches that are included.  Why?  Because in my workshops I have discovered that because many attendees have learned from friends, family or you tube, they can do the stitches but don’t necessarily know what the name of the stitch they’re doing is!  It therefore makes sense to me to include the instructions for all stitches so that no one is held back.


And you can get it now in all of the usual places:

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crochet | knitcrate

Have fun with it and be sure to tag me so that I can see your makes!

Seona x

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