Stitch cards

I am creating something new that I am excited about!

In hosting my workshops I have learned that many people attending have learned to crochet through you tube or through a friend or family member when they were younger.  This means I am observing gaps in their knowledge which is holding them back a bit in being more creative.

One of the gaps is that there are crocheters out there that can do a stitch but don’t know what it is called.  And there are those that have only done a couple of stitches, and again don’t know what they’re called.

I have come up with a way to close that gap!  I am creating some stitch guide cards. How neat are these?!

So the idea is that once I have a full collection I will have them printed as a card set, but until then, I will provide them within my facebook group for help and ideas as an easy access guide that you can save and print for yourself if you want to.

By having a full grasp of the basic stitches it will help you to master all of the more complex stitches, which are mostly made up of combinations of these basic ones.

If you would like to get your hands on these cards to download then be sure to join my facebook group for help and ideas.  I can also help you out with all sorts of things crochet in that group and you can participate live with me every week.  These cards will start out with the basics and will then move up to the more complex.  Anyone in my group will have access to them as I create them, so I would love to see you in there!

I also have a complete beginners course available for free!  I will be creating a paid course with online help in the coming weeks or months, but this free course will definitely get you going and help you out where you need to fill any knowledge gaps.

Seona x


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