Off the Grid Whirl

It’s new pattern time!

Another scarf to add to my whirl series, of which there are quite a few now.

This is another one that I had fun making.  It isn’t fudge friendly though, so if you make a mistake you really do need to go back and frog it.  I learned eventually to check for mistakes frequently so that I didn’t have to unravel a row to fix it.

You can get this pattern at all of these places:

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crochet | knitcrate

You will also be able to get it from Yarns for All and purchases at the above locations will come with a voucher for 10% off the whirl you need at yarns for all.

If you need any help with this pattern (or any pattern), feel free to come and join my facebook group for help and ideas!


Seona x

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