The true value of crochet squares

I recently developed a greater understanding of the true value of crochet squares.

Members of my facebook group for help and ideas asked me to demonstrate some skills related to squares.  This meant that I had to create some to demonstrate with, which sparked me to start creating a blanket of squares from some mini skeins I had purchased and had not yet used.

I am now needing to make squares on a daily basis!  And not just to create this blanket, but to also be more mindful.  Every weekday morning I get up at 5am and set myself the task of making (and blocking) at least one square.  The quick win in finishing a task sets me up with good feelings for the day.  But even better than that, the mindfulness that comes with making a square helps me to reduce my stress which improves my focus through out the day.

I find that the crochet projects I am most drawn to are ones which are relaxing.  Squares are one of those projects, especially the not so fussy, no need to change colour squares!

And there is just so much that can be created from a crochet square, which is also a plus if you’re a beginner or even a designer.  Here are just some quick examples of what you can make:

  • a blanket,
  • a cushion,
  • a bag,
  • a top, a skirt, a jumper, or a cardigan,
  • a basket,
  • a coaster,
  • a hat

I could go on!  And within each of those there are so many different options for how you make them.  You can change the colours, change the size, change the square and suddenly you have a whole new design!

Members of my Hooked on Crochet Club are also learning the value of squares and are receiving lessons on how to make them and what to make them in to.  Every month I provide one new square and provide the pattern, chart and a live video tutorial for how to make it.  For our very first month I have provided the traditional grannie square, and while many within the club are seasoned crocheters (Hooked!), they are rediscovering the true value of the crochet square.

When was the last time you made a simple grannie square?  When was the last time you made a square at all?  Or have you never made one?  If it’s been a while, I urge you to give one a go and rediscover the true value of a crochet square.


Seona x

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