My Patterns for Gradient Yarns

Did you know that I love a gradient yarn?!  There is something about a yarn that does the work of changing the colours for you.  Just the anticipation of a colour change is enough to make your hook go faster!

I’ve produced quite a few gradient yarns over the last couple of years, mostly for Scheepjes Whirl and most recently for Lola, but the beauty is that you can use pretty much any gradient yarn for any of these patterns.  One day I intend on putting them all together in a book, but for now I thought I would put all that I have here so that you can see them and tell me which is your favourite!

Infinity Whirl

This one was my first ever whirl pattern!  It’s suitable for beginners and uses the grannie stitch to make an infinity scarf.  This one is worked in the round so that the colours blend on the long edge, and because you’re working in the round there is no joining at the end!


Fan Whirl

This one is a favourite for as a calming make.  Like the Infinity whirl it is also an infinity scarf made in the round.  It is more suited to an intermediate crocheter and has a 4 row pattern repeat to keep you interested, but it’s not overly complicated and has a lovely rhythm once you get into it!


Mesh Whirl

This is another favourite and suitable for a begginer.It’s the third in the infinity scarf series and one that I wear a lot!  It has a lovely open mesh design that does well to keep you interested while making it.


Midnight Sapphire

This one wasn’t made using a whirl, but can be.  And like all of these, you can make it with any gradient yarn you have.  This one is a two in one pattern.  You can opt to use one gradient cake to make a scarf, or add a second to make a shawl.  I made it from the inside out on the first half and then the outside in on the second to give it a real flow from one edge to the other.  The pattern is suited to an intermediate crocheter.

Amethyst Whirl

This was my first triangle design, made from the top down.  I wanted one with a fairly plain, but textured body and then have a detailed hem.  I think I achieved that!  This one would be suitable to an advanced beginner.


Macaron Whirl

This is a fun scarf to make!  I went with the name of the whirl I used and tried to create scarf that looked like little macarons!  The rows are all very similar and it makes for an easy pattern repeat to remember.  It is also worked on the long rows so that the ends are the same colour.  This one would be suitable for an advanced beginner.


Boho Whirl

This one is a another favourite!  It’s another triangle worked from the top down but has a little bit more detail through the body and a simple edge.  It uses the puff stitch to create texture and is suitable for an advanced beginner.


Off the Grid Whirl

This is another scarf worked along the long edge.  You don’t want to make a mistake on this one though as the pattern cannot be fudged like the others!  I learned the hard way to check my row regularly as I had to frog a few times.  It’s suitable for an advanced beginner too.


Fairy Floss Sparkle Lola

I do love a Lola!  And this one has a glitter thread through it so I wanted the glitter to do the talking.  This would look just as pretty with a non-glitter yarn and is another favourite that I love to wear.  This one is suitable for a beginner.


Coco Lola

This one is made with a Chunky yarn!  But there is no reason why you couldn’t make it with a normal whirl or Lola too.  All my patterns tell you how to adjust it if you want to.  This one is suitable for an intermediate.


Aztec Whirl

This is my latest one!  In an attempt to work the short rows, but I couldn’t keep it that way and wear it so I joined the ends to make an infinity scarf.  I provide both options in the pattern.


Sunny Lola

This one is a favourite too, but is currently only available to my Hooked on Crochet Club Members.  It’s another worked on the long rows, but some members have adjusted it and worked on the short rows instead.  It’s another fun one with a simple pattern repeat.  Suitable for an advanced beginner.


I’m a little surprised at how many I have now!  I currently have a new design on my hook for the clubhouse for a future month and have many more Lolas and Whirls on my shelf to turn into scarves too.

Which style do you prefer most?  I’d love to hear!

If you’ve made any I would love to see them too!  Be sure to tag me in social media so that I can see them.

Seona x


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