The Square a Day Challenge is Back!

That’s right! We’re getting ready for another Square a Day Challenge.

This is the third time we’ve run this challenge. Some challengers have stuck around and kept to their habit. Some are still building on the habit. Some are getting back to where they finished off last time.

So whether you’ve participated in a #squareadaychallenge before, or if this will be your first, you’re all welcome to join!

I run these challenges as a way to encourage crocheters to develop a daily crochet habit. It’s great for Dabblers or Stitchmasters in the Hooked on Crochet Club to help build on their confidence and crochet time.

The challenge is open to everyone! All you need to know is how to crochet. Not learned crochet yet? Then head on over and download my free beginners guide and start learning so that you can join the next challenge!

So how does it work?

When you sign up you’ll receive 4 patterns for different squares. These are squares from the clubhouse that are designed to be made within 15-30 minutes depending on your current skill level. Each pattern has US and UK terms as well as a chart to follow.

You’ll also be given access to a private facebook group where we will keep you accountable with a daily prompt to post a picture of the square that you made.

So if you’re looking to create a daily crochet habit or gain mroe confidence with your crochet, then head on over and sign up! The challenge starts on July 1st, so now is the time to rummage through your stash or head on out and buy some new yarn (like we need an excuse right?!).

And you’re most welcome to bring your own square too! Maybe you’ve had a blanket or cushion that you’ve wanted to start for a while now? The challenge is a great way to get you going!

Know a friend that needs more crochet in their life? Or loves a challenge? Share it with them and join in together!

Seona xx

One thought on “The Square a Day Challenge is Back!

  1. Hi Seona, my new stitch this week. Tulips I think you call it. Reckon young children would love this colour. Cheers!Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab A on the Telstra Mobile Network


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