The Hooked on Crochet Club Turns 1!

I’ve never been big on celebrating my birthday (thought I’ll celebrate everyone elses and all sorts of other little milestones!). I think that is why I haven’t properly planned anything for the clubhouse having it’s first birthday!

Silly me! Because I love the clubhouse and feel that it is just an extension of my life and me. (the smack in face emoji keeps coming to mind right now!). It just never really occurred to me to mark the milestone in any way because it’s like my own birthday…something that happens every year. Which is why I thought I should do this blog post!

The clubhouse doors officially opened in June 2019 and the first clubhouse projects were delivered to it’s founding members on July 1st, a year ago yesterday! And we have continued to deliver new projects to our members, like clockwork on the 1st of every month and given live hook and learn sessions every week. It still amazes me that all these names are members of our little clubhouse! Whether sitting quietly on the sidelines or sharing their projects and ideas regulalry, every single person in the clubhouse is valued.

So what do you think we should do to celebrate? I’m going to hold an extra yarn draw in the clubhouse so that every member can have a chance to win yarn twice this month (because who wouldn’t want yarn for their birthday?!). I’m also thinking of getting a sign made to hang in my office at home – the place I call my clubhouse – to make the clubhouse more official. But what else can I or should I do?

I did purchase a maykr project bag when they were on pre-order with the birthday in mind. I was thinking it could be a prize for someone, but a prize for what?! Should I host a giveaway maybe? Or leave the bag as something to offer on another occasion?

Why am I so bad at celebrating?!

If you have any ideas for how I can celebrate the first birthday of the Hooked on Crochet Club, then please let me know! I would love to mark the milestone in some way this month. What birthday celebrations, big or small have meant the most to you? How would you celebrate? Whether your name is on the wall above or if it’s not there (yet), how would you say hooray! to one year?!

Seona xx

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