Save the Date!

It’s time to get excited!

If you can’t read a pattern, struggle to remember basic stitches, spend hours searching You Tube, have a growing pile of WIPs that you can’t face or finish, wish you could made more of the projects that you admire or simply don’t know anyone who crochets that can help you, then I have good news! Great news even!

The doors to the clubhouse will be open from the 24th to the 28th September 2020!

That means no matter your crochet level of experience, you’ll be able to join and we’ll be able to help you! Our clubhouse is designed to move you along the successpath from being a dabbler to being a designer and all stages in between! Designing might not be your aspiration, but imagine being able to make the changes to an existing pattern that make it more how you want it to look – that is also designing!

If you would like to learn more and add your name to the waitlist then be sure to head on over and read all about it.

The doors to the clubhouse only open a few times a year and this will be the last time this year that it will open to the public. The only way to guarantee that you will have the opportunity to join is to add your name to the waitlist!

So start counting down the days as I look forward to welcoming you and many other new members into the clubhouse!

Seona x

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