Are you often confused between popcorn, bobble and puff stitches?

Are you someone that often gets confused remembering the difference between the popcorn stitch, bobble stitch and puff stitch? If you are, you’re not alone! I often see it in comments and in different facebook groups so I thought it time to write this blog post to help you remember the difference.

First. let’s see them all side by side.

To an unfamiliar eye, all of these stitches can look quite simialr, especially the popcorn and bobble stitch! And I have at least one book in my library at home that gives instructions for one stitch, but the image is clearly the stitch of another, so that is going to add to your confusion too!

I have stitch guides to each of these stitches that I will give links to later so if you’re totally new to the stitch you can see the difference in how they’re made in more detail. But for now I will break down the difference.

Popcorn: is made my making full double crochets (trebles in UK terms) and then linking the first stitch to the last with a slip stitch to make the stitches pop out to the front. There are usually 4 or 5 double crochets in a popcorn.

Bobble: is made by make partial double crochets (trebles in UK terms) and then joining them all with a yarn over and pulling through all the loops to finish off the stitch. This makes the stitch pop out to the back. There can be any number of partial double crochets in a bobble, I usually have 4 or 5, but the more you have the bigger the bobble will be.

Puff: This one is made by pulling up multiple loops on your hook and then yarning over to pull through all at once. This stitch pops out on the front and the back. I’ve seen puff stitches mades with all different numbers of loops pulled up, so like the bobble, the more loops you do the “puffier” the stitch.

The complete stitch guides for each can be found by clicking on their name below.

Popcorn | Bobble | Puff

I also have a free stitch guide that includes the stitch symbol (seen below) as well as the instructions for making the stitch. This has all the most common stitches that you will see! So if you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, be sure to head here to grab it. You will get both the US and UK versions.

I hope that has helped clear them up for you! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

Do you have a favourite out of the three? I love them all, but for all different reasons!

Seona x

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