Reasons to Crochet: It’s a versatile craft

I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I’ve tried many crafts. As a creative we tend to give anything a go! Before I learned to crochet I was a sewer (and still will from time to time), I tried knitting and I would make things from fabric and glue. It wasn’t until I found crochet that I found my craft for life!

And one of the reasons that I know that I will stick with it, and will encourage others to take it up, is because it’s so versatile! There are just so many stitches and techniques, so many different things to make, so many different yarns to play with, that this is truly one of the most versatile crafts!

Whether your interests are in simple or intricate, homewares or fashion, toys or jewellery, you will find something that you can crochet! And it doesn’t matter what your skill level is, there is something that you can make in all areas of crochet! If you’ve only learned one stitch and one thing to make, you can make it different every time by changing the colours or changing the yarn that you use.

Have you tried crochet yet? Are you interested in learning? I have a free beginners guide that can get you going.

If you have tried crochet, or you currently crochet, what are your favourite things to make? I’d love to hear!

Seona x

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