Washcloth Series : 11 – Mint

Oh my! We’re nearing the end of Series 1 of my washcloth patterns. Each and every one of these patterns has been designed to allow you to practice a new stitch or stitch design while creating something useful. If you’ve purchased the pdfs of them as well then you will also have instructions for how to use the stitches to create something else so that you can become your own designer.

Once this series is complete I will be putting together an ebook with even more detailed instructions that you will be able to purchase. And the next series will have the focus on the border so that you can practice different borders and see what they look like before adding them to your own blanket or design!

So let’s get into this month’s washcloth. I am in love with this one. Maybe it’s the colour, or maybe it’s the texture, but I am truly in love with this one! As always I have used knitpicks dishie yarn and a 5.5mm hook.

This washcloth uses the wattle stitch, which (in US terms) is a single crochet, chain and double crochet worked into the chain space of the wattle stitch of the row below.

Here goes! These instructions are in US terms.

US terms UK Terms

ssslip stitchssslip stitch
scsingle crochetdcdouble crochet
dcDouble crochettrtreble
wattleWattle Stitch – see abovewattleWattle Stitch – see above
BeginChain 39
 Row 1In the third chain from the hook work 1 wattle
Skip 1, 1 x wattle (1sc, ch1, 1dc) in the next chain
Repeat the step in bold until 2 chains left
1sc in the last chain from the hookCh1 and turn  
 Row 21 x wattle into the ch1 space of the wattle below
Continue the step in bold until there is a wattle in each ch1 space
1sc into the ch1 (turning chain) at the end of the row.
Ch1 and turn  
Row 3 – 31Repeat row 2 or until desired length is reached.
Row 32 / Border round 1Side 1: Work 1sc into each stitch and ch1 space. 
Corner: work 2sc into the corner,
Side 2: Aim for 1sc per row down the side, then work the corner stitch.
Side 3: 1sc into each chain stitch, then work the corner stitch.
Side 4: repeat side 2.  
Round 2Work continuously on from round 1, working 1sc into each stitch, and 2sc into one of the corner stitches.  Ss to the top of the first sc of round 2 once you get back to the start.  

If you would like to purchase the pdf with the full instructions head to one of these online places:

online store | etsy | ravelry | love crafts

All of my clubhouse members receive these patterns as a bonus to their membership. Learn more about the clubhouse and add your name to the waitlist here.



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