Back Bump Single Crochet Border

It’s time to introduce you to another new border! This one is the back bump single crochet border (back bump double crochet if you prefer UK terms).

This border is another that is simple and yet effective. You can use it with any stitch count which is always a plus! It will be a great border to use when you need a more simple edging to a more detailed blanket. you can use one colour or multiples colours to mix it up.

My only word of warning is that the stitch itself can be a little time consuming if you have tight tension or a yarn that does not have a lot of give. I learned by the final couple of rounds to keep my yarn over looser than normal so that it was easier to insert my hook into the back bump. It is definitely worth the effort though!

This series will be available in the places below and will be sent to and to all my clubhouse members. If you purchase from my online store or etsy you will also receive a printable stitch guide for the back bump single crochet. If you want to try it out on your own then keep an eye on next week when the stitch guide gets published.

You can purchase your copy from any of these places:

online store | etsy | ravelry | lovecrafts

Seona x

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