Triangle Coaster

Need inspiration? Then welcome to the first post in my new series! Creating a square a day is something that I am passionate about as it is a very calming and meditative process. While squares are calming, they can also be a fun way to create new things and a gateway into designing.

Every month in the Hooked on Crochet Club we provide a new square design. I have decided to start posting a new grannie square project each month and dedicate a hook and learn lesson in the clubhouse to how it is made.

This month I’m sharing how I created this cute little coaster. We’ve had two triangle designs in the clubhouse so far. I previously turned them into a bunting, but wanted to create something else too, and my desk at work needed new coasters, so now I have some!

You can create this with any square or triangle design. I used some Scheepjes Catona to create mine. And the beads are plain wooden ones that I purchased in bulk at my local Spotlight store. I simply made a triangle from one of the clubhouse patterns and added a row of single crochet to create a border. I made the tassles without any tools – using my fingers to wrap around and sewed one onto each corner with one bead for each.

I think it’s rather cute! And it was made in less time than it took to drink my tea. I’ll be providing a full tutorial to clubhouse members in our hook and learn lesson next week. The doors are currently closed but if you want to learn more and add your name to the waitlist, then be sure to head here.

Seona x

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