Another 6 days of grannie square projects

It’s my last blog post for 2020! And I’ll finish it off with the last six of my twelve days of grannie square projects. If you missed the first six, be sure to check out last week’s post that has them all.

Day 7 – A wall hanging

This one is a favourite too and hangs on the wall in my clubhouse! I made a square, added rows to the top and bottom. Then added a border, some tassles and attached it a stick. You can check out the reel for it here.

Day 8 – A washcloth

Cotton washcloths are a staple in our house. This one was made with a solid grannie square and I added a simple border. You can check out the reel for it here.

Day 9 – A soap scrubbie

My husband prefers to use soap over body wash, so I made this new soap scrubbie for him. I used the half filet square from the clubhouse and made two of them. Joined them on three sides then added a border to the top and then added more rows to allow for a cord to run through. The cord is simply a chain joined and tied at the ends. You can check out the reel for it here.

Day 10 – A bag

I can never have enough bags in my world. This one was made from 8 grannie squares joined together and then handles added at the top. You can check out the reel for it here.

Day 11 – Gloves

Gloves aren’t really needed this time of year where I live, but will be needed on the other side of the world! Each glove is made from 2 squares joined together – leaving room for a thumb and then added a band to cover the wrists. You can check out the reel for it here.

Day 12 – A mug warmer

Another item that we don’t really need on this side of the world at this time of year, but it’s cute! This is three squares joined, a border, button hole and button added so that it can be used on any cup. You can check out the reel for it here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these! I know that I have, which is why I will continue putting new project idea out every month. Hit subscribe or join my email list if you want to keep seeing them.

Seona x

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