Ready for another square a day challenge?

You might start to predict when my square a day challenges will be…

Some of you might have already signed up as I’ve been promoting this challenge for a week or so now, but keep reading if you missed it or don’t know how it works…

This challenge is going to run from the 1st of March for the entire month. The idea is to help you create a daily crochet habit and have 31 small wins along the way! Nothing is more rewarding than starting a new project other than finishing one! And in March by committing to a square a day you’ll be winning over and over…

Ready for it? You can sign up at this link here. When you sign up you’ll be provided with copies of the four squares pictured below and access to our challenge group on facebook. Inside the facebook group you’ll be provided with daily prompts to remind you to make your square. If you have a different square in mind then you’re welcome to use that instead.

All you need to do then is pick your square or squares, raid your stash (or buy more yarn) and get started! I also recommend that you set yourself up with a place to crochet and book in the time to make the square every day. I like to make one square every morning, but I also make one square every evening for my temperature blanket too. I also have several locations around my house which I sit and crochet at.

Two of these squares have been included in a challenge before, two are new. All were created for the Hooked on Crochet Club and one you might recognise as being used for my Temperature Blanket this year.

So who’s in? Sign up here and let’s get ready to go!

Seona x

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