Grannie Square Wrap Bracelet

I am a big fan of wrap bracelets. I’m assuming you’ve seen them – They might have a feature stone or they’re a long (usually leather or leather like) thin cord with beads or features that wraps multiple times around your wrist and ties or buttons on.

This month’s grannie square inspiration is a quick project based on one of these wrap bracelets. I’ve made this one with a two round traditional grannie square, some mercerised cotton, a 3mm hook, a button and some seed beads.

I began by making the square. You could make it bigger or smaller, depending on your preference or the size of the wrist of the person you’re making it for. Once the square was made I attached yarn to one of the corners and made a chain. There is no rule to how long to make the chain – I made it so that it wrapped around my wrist at least one and a half times, which was roughly 25cm. Once the chain was to the length I needed, I worked back up the chain with 1 single crochet (double crochet in UK terms) in each chain back to where it started. I repeated this on the other side, but with the second side I created some loops on the end before working all the way back up.

To finish it off I sewed a button on to the end of the cord without the loops and I sewed 3 seed beads into the middle of the grannie square to give it a bit of “bling”.

A very simple project that would make an easy stocking filler!

If you didn’t have a button you could make the cords longer so that they can be tied on. You could also consider adding more grannie squares and making it a bracelet instead of a wrap. The options are endless!

Let me know what you think. Is this something you would make? What would you do differently?

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Seona xx

One thought on “Grannie Square Wrap Bracelet

  1. The way you explained how to make GRANNIE SQUARE WRAP was fantastic. Thank you for explaining all of the stages and assisting us in producing our wrap. You are correct in saying that the options are endless! All of the instructions are provided straightforwardly and concisely. Keep sharing more.


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