Washcloth 4, Series 2.

Washcloth number 4 of series 2 is out! I should probably come up with names for each of these, but it is so much easier to just assign a number.

Now this one is a somewhat lacey border. But a simple lace edge. If you can make a chain and a single crochet (double crochet in UK terms), then you can definitely manage this border. And being mostly chains and working into chain spaces after round 2, it also works up quickly, so is winning on so many levels.

So what do you think? Simple and effective?

Clubhouse members will be sent the pattern this weekend. Everyone else will be able to purchase from one of the online stores below. The pattern comes with full instructions – even for the stitches. And if you purchase from my online store or etsy you’ll also receive the stitch tutorial card for single crochet. The pattern is also in US and UK terms and has a photo guide for each round of the border. So if you’re a beginner to reading patterns, you’ll be set!

Online store | etsy | ravelry | love crafts

If you’re interested in joining the clubhouse, then be sure to learn more add your name to the waitlist as I’ll be having a waitlist only doors open soon!

Seona x

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