Corner to Corner Crochet Tutorial

Corner to Corner is one of the most relaxing stitch patterns that I have come across. Once you get the hang of it it is an easy stitch to make.

Below is my stitch tutorial for creating the blocks. When you first start I recommend forgetting about colour changes and focus on getting the different blocks right. Once you’ve mastered that, then try different rows in different colours. The final step is using graphs to create your own designs. Working with graphs get’s messy really quick as you’re left with lots of bobbins of different colours getting tangled- especially when you’re beginning and don’t have the helpful tools. If you’re after relaxing crochet then I would really think hard about whether you want to tackle a graph or not.

So anyway, I use the 5, 2 method – increase with a chain 5, start each block with a chain 2. I find the fabric ends up tighter which I prefer. You can also use the 6,3 method which is increase with chain 6 and start each block with a chain 3. Neither version is right or wrong, it totally comes down to personal preference.

Now I also have a handy hint for the blocks – CCC – chain, create, connect…chain 2 to begin the block, create your block (3 double crochet or UK trebles) and finally connect to the next block. You can also think of the connect as the first step, but either way every block will consist of a chain, create and connect step.

Have a go and let me know what you think! If you’re on my email list the cards will be sent to you over the weekend. You can add your name here. Clubhouse members wil also find the cards on the members only part of the website.



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