You up for a mini crochet challenge each month?

We’re nearing the end of the square a day challenge, and seeing some participants enjoy the learning experience that it has brought, has sparked a new idea…

I’ve decided to host a mini crochet learning challenge each month!

Now these will not replace the square a day challenge – that one will be here to stay and will be run a few times a year. These will be simple little challenges that I will host in my Crochet Learning Corner facebook group. They’ll start the first weekend of each month and are designed to challenge you to learn something new in crochet.

Each challenge can last as long as you want it to, and challenge you as much or as little as you prefer and have time for. But each one will add to your crochet skill set in a small way.

So how will it work?

It’s simple. Each month I will set a new challenge, based around a technique, yarn or stitches. They can be tailored to your current skill set so that no matter what your current crochet abilities are, you’ll be able to join in. If you sign up to receive the emails then the challenge will be sent directly to you. Otherwise you can find them in the facebook book group.

So what do you think? Are you ready to try out something new each month? The first one will kick off in the first weekend of April and will be a technique challenge. If you want to receive the emails then head here and add your name, even if you’re already on my list as the emails will only be sent to those that wish to participate.

I can’t wait to get started!

Seona x

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