Simple Cushion Cover

What happens when you keep adding rounds to a grannie square?

Well it get’s big enough to become a cushion cover!

I’ve had in mind to make a cushion cover this way for longer that I will admit to, but I am glad I have finally done it. You can use any square that you choose. I have opted for the square from our March Hooked on Crochet Club projects. I wanted one that was simple so that the colours could do the talking.

I’ve used yarn from my stash – in this case it was Scheepjes Colour Crafter – which had been left over from a couple of different projects. I didn’t have enough of each colour to be able to continue the colour combo all the way through, but the final rounds go to the back of the cushion so I made it work as best I could.

So to make this style cushion cover you create a square and keep adding rounds until you can make it fit around your chosen cushion insert. To join, all corners will need to meet in the middle. Join one half then insert the cushion and finish the join. I used single crochet (UK double crochet) in the same colour as my final round.

I’ve created a little step by step video guide…let me know what you think!

So what do you think?

Seona x

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