I finished!

How many of you have one of those projects that you have sitting in your WIP pile that you think will never get finished? I have a few of them right now. And it’s not because I’m not enjoying making them, it’s just because they’re really low priority projects.

My Forever Eileen blanket was one of them. I started this one three years ago! I love making this blanket as it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. The pattern takes care of itself and you just need to keep track of when to start the next repeat and how many rows you’ve done. And it has me thinking of my Granny while I make it as this pattern was based off one she used to make a lot of.

I’ve worked on this one in waves. And came up with plans to get it finished numerous times, but every time something else I needed to design and make took over my time instead. This past month though this one was calling to me more and more. I think I really needed some mindless crochet. The kind that you can just do without thinking or paying attention. I had less than 20 rows to go when I decided to make it myself accountable in our accountability post in the Crochet Clubhouse. And I’m glad I did as now she is finished!

My only goal was to finish the rows this month. And I exceeded myself by actually finishing it! Being accountable to others definitely helped, as did seeing how few rows were left to add each time I worked on it.

If you want to read the original story behind this pattern when I first published it, you can read it here. The first one I made I gifted to my mum. This one I made for me, and I made it slightly wider but kept the length the same. I am seriously considering making a purple ombre one now for my daughter, i just need 10 shades of purple and maybe some white.

The yarn I used was knit picks comfy sport in the colours pictured. I remember spending ages with my stash picking and choosing colours. And even when I settled on them I wasn’t sure I would like the combo. But they work! I see the finished blanket as a seventies retro vibe.

And it is such a soft warm blanket!

If you’re after a blanket that is perfect for mindless crochet, then be sure to grab a copy of the pattern. Even as I write this I am more and more ready to start a purple one…

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Seona x

Seona xx

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