Never be stuck for a project idea again…

How often do you get stuck deciding what to crochet next? Or losing your crojo because you just don’t feel like making the same thing over and over? Or maybe you pin loads of ideas to pinterest but never go back to them. Or you spend hours trying to find the right tutorial for the right project on YouTube.

What if I told you I had a way to help you avoid that?

I find that many people get stuck deciding what to make because they don’t feel confident to try something new.

Or they get stuck because the project they really want to make doesn’t seem to have a pattern or tutorial for it. Or if it does they just can’t figure out what they’re telling us to do.

Maybe you’ve got a yarn that you’ve purchased because it looked so pretty or felt so soft but then find you don’t know what to make or don’t have the right amount of yarn to make it.

Or maybe you start project after project but find yourself frogging it or putting it in the naughty corner because you’re just not enjoying it.

No matter what your struggle is, I know that the Hooked on Crochet Club can help to solve it for you.

How? Let me tell you!

The projects in the Hooked on Crochet Club are designed to help you improve on your crochet skills. Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn new stitches and how things get created. Or whether you’re more experienced and want to learn to read patterns or create your own work from something you’ve seen. The clubhouse projects will help you get there.

The two projects each month are a variation of each other but one is bigger than the other. That means that if there is a stitch or technique that is new to you you can test out the smaller one first. Once you master it, and if you decide that you enjoyed making it, then you can more easily move onto the bigger project.

If you can’t read a pattern, then the first project comes with a pre-recorded video. You can follow the pattern with the instructions so that over time you will stop relying on the video and start using the written pattern instead. We also have a live tutorial every month for a square pattern which is designed to help you learn to read a chart.

And every project comes with recommended yarn options and instructions for changing it to your own design. We encourage creativity and encourage you to add your own twist on the projects.

Having a new project and skill to try each month, as well as a theme to follow, means that you’re building on your skills in a more systematic manner. By trying out the new projects each month you start to learn which stitches you like the most. You learn if you prefer to work in texture, rounds or rows. You learn what yarn you prefer to work with. Which means that over time, you’re able to be more selective in the projects you choose to make because you know before you start if something about it is going to annoy you.

We also have a successpath which makes it easier to track your progress. No matter which stage you’re at now, we can help you move to a higher stage. You can also join no matter what skill level you’re at.

If all this sounds like something you need then you’re going to want to add your name to the waitlist! The doors will be opening again in November. I encourage you to add your name to the waitlist so that you hear first and get access to any early bird bonuses that we’ll have!

Can you see where you fit on the successpath now? I’d love to know where you fit and where you want to be.

Seona x

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