The series comes to an end…

It’s time to release the final washcloth in my second series!

We’re finishing off with a very simple border that can be applied to almost any project because it has no specific stitch count!

You can have a lot of fun with this one and colour. Or you can keep it plain and let the texture do the talking.

If you want to purchase this pattern, you can grab it from the links below. If you’re a clubhouse member, then good news – the pattern will be emailed to you!

Online store | etsy | ravelry | lovecrafts

I’ve also set it up as a bundle with all of series 2 in my store. You will save over 50% if you purchase the bundle. And if you add both the series one and series two bundles to your cart, you can use the code: buythebundles and receive an additional 25% off! So many washcloth patterns for a fraction of the price! These will also make for easy, eco friendly gift ideas for Christmas too that you’ll be able to make up relatively quickly.

Next year I’ll be releasing a new washcloth series – each month will be with a new theme aligned with the themes of the Hooked on Crochet Club – either texture, rounds or rows.

Not a member of the Hooked on Crochet Club? Add your name to the waitlist! Doors are only open a few times of year so you don’t want to to miss out.

Seona x


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