Christmas Washcloth

Ssshh!! Christmas is just over a week away! But it’s not too late to whip up a simple washcloth to use or gift on the day. And this one I’m combining granny square inspiration and a washcloth together…

This one is super simple with no pattern required – assuming you know how to make a square of any kind and can join them. If joining squares isn’t your thing to do then create one square and just keep making it bigger! Just change the colours up to keep it Christmassy.

So this one I used red and green for the squares and joined in white using single crochet (UK double crochet) and added two rounds of single crochet for a simple border. The square is a solid grannie and only two rounds each. I used a worsted weight cotton yarn and 5mm hook. If your yarn is thinner or you want bigger squares you might want to do more rounds. Just make sure you’re using 100% cotton for a washcloth.

Other options – you might want to include the white as a square and join with an invisible join. You can also make it bigger by adding more squares. You can go bigger and fancier on the border. You don’t even have to go with Christmas colours – match your kitchen or bathroom colours instead!

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Seona x

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