Granny square top

Crocheting tops seems to be becoming a “thing” for me. One of our clubhouse projects this month was a top and this month’s granny square project idea is too!

And I don’t think you can get much simpler than this one!

So this one is made from a square from the Hooked on Crochet Club. I’ve used a worsted weight cotton and kept repeating the rounds of the square until it was wide enough to reach the edge of my shoulders and fit my bust. I made two squares the same size and then joined them at the ahoulders and down the sides. Once joined I added more rows to the bottom until it was long enough – or in this case until I ran out of yarn.

Because I didn’t have enough yarn I opted to not add a border on any of the outer edges.

My original plan had been to make a bag, but it kept telling me it wanted to be a top as I was making it, so I had to listen to the yarn!

You can make this top in any cotton or cotton blend yarn, or even wool for a winter vest. I used close to 300g of worsted weight cotton and a 5mm hook. You can use any square that has repeat that can be never ending so that you can get to the size you need.

I’ll be sharing in more detail with my clubhouse members how I made this top in one of our weekly hook and learn lessons.

Not a member of the Hooked on Crochet Club? Add your name to the waitlist! Doors are only open a few times of year so you don’t want to to miss out.

Seona x

Seona x

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