Do you have too much yarn?

No laughing! Because I know that to many crocheters there is no such thing as too much yarn. Right?!

Now while I know that to be true, I also know that buying yarn just because it is pretty or because we want it is an easy thing to do, and yet it can become a problem. I have more than once put myself on a yarn ban and then found ways to work around being on the ban – it’s easy to “need” more to finish a project and then add extra to the cart for the free shipping. The ban usually comes after yarn arrives and I am left wondering where to put it because I have once again run out of storage.

I don’t know about you, but I always have good intentions when I am buying yarn and I do plan to use it, but then I am distracted by the next shiny crochet project and I am left with more yarn that is in the queue to be used or it is just being decorative.

This coming year I am going to try and work on reducing my stash. (No laughing!!) Easier said than done right?!

So I have a strategy that I would like to share with you. And it isn’t that I plan on quitting my day job so that I have more time to crochet either! But in all seriousness, I do need to reduce my spending on yarn and be more deliberate in my purchases AND use up more of what I already have.

I’m sharing this plan with you so that one, I am accountable, and two, it might help you too! I’ve learned that just banning myself outright only works for so long. And I’ve lost count of the number of shopping carts I have left full online – imagine doing that in a real store!

So here is my plan…

Only buy yarn when I truly have a purpose for it. Not just buy it because it is on sale and I might use it eventually. Only buy it when I have a project planned for the clubhouse or request or in progress. And that doesn’t mean searching out new yarn to make a new project – it means finding a project to suit the yarn that I already have and buying more if I don’t have enough.

Set a goal to use up my existing yarn. I specifically want to use up more of my Lola gradient yarns and my hand-dyed yarns. I have a large stash of yarn from subscription boxes that is mostly one or 2 skeins of original hand-dyed yarns. I am aiming to make one project each month that uses 1 or 2 skeins. I also increased my gradient yarn stash this past year, so I am aiming to use at least one per quarter – either in a new design or for an existing design that I have. And while it pains me to say it, I must use at least two from my shelf before I can buy more. I also have lots of cottons and acrylics that fill my stash for when creativity hits me – these I plan to use up by making a square day and turning them into blankets, cushions or tops to wear.

Allow myself a leave pass to buy yarn once a quarter. And yes, I know that this just negates the previous two steps of my plan BUT, I also know that if I don’t allow myself to go “wild” every now and then that I am more likely to break the plan already set and also spend more. So to do this part of the plan successfully I need at a minimum to set myself a spending limit and a frequency limit. I know myself well enough that if I give myelf permission to buy yarn with limits that I am more likely to not buy it. If I’m really strict on myself, then I will only be allowed to use this leave pass if I have also met the requirements of the first two steps in the plan – in other words – rewarding myself for sticking with it.

Having a plan doesn’t work unless I have a way to track it and be accountable. This is where you, the Hooked on Crochet Club and social media come in. To stay accountable I need someone to be accountable to. Are you up to the job? Feel free to keep track on my social media, blog and email newsletter and comment, reply to or message me to see if I’m still on track. Inside the Hooked on Crochet Club we have a monthly accountability post. I will use this post to show which gradient yarn and hand-dyed yarn I’m working on for that month. And social media – I’ll keep you up to date by posting an update at least once a week in my instagram stories.

Now I should also show you some of the stash that I am referring to…

This is only a fraction of what I have stored away! I really would like to have less clutter and to be able to put more into the already full draws of my shelves. I know I won’t be able to use it all up in a year, but I’m up for the challenge and do intend on aiming to reduce it at least!

Do you need a plan or some accountability to use up more yarn too?

I’ll be sending a copy of this washcloth to all of the members of my Hooked on Crochet Club this weekend to say thank you for being a member!

Not a member yet? Join the Hooked on Crochet Club! The Clubhouse is the place all crocheters should be, especially if they’re wanting to learn more and keep inspired! We’ll provide you with new projects each month, weekly tutorials and much, much more…

Now wish me luck! I’m going to need it…

Seona x

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