Granny Square Scarf

Ready for some granny square inspiration?! I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get around to making a scarf from granny squares, but when I dicovered a set of 5 mini sock yarns in my stash, I just had to give one a go…

I enjoyed making this one. I decided on a random colour order and joined as I went until it was at the length I wanted. The only compromise I had to the random was making sure the ends were both in the same colour. I still have yarn left over, but I’m thinking that I will make some gloves with them – probably from granny squares too so be sure to hit subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss them!. I added fringe – each section has one strand of each colour in it.

The square I used was one from the Hooked on Crochet Club, but you could use any square for it. If you don’t want to join as you go, you can definitely join them afterwards as well by stitching or crocheting them together. It can be a great way to use up yarn left over from a different project. too.

So what yarn and square would you use to make a granny square scarf?

Seona x

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