Granny Square Gloves

The weather is getting colder here in Oz, so it’s time to start making some cool weather items. Which is why this month’s granny square inspiration is a pair of gloves!

I have made these gloves using a DK weight cotton and 4mm hook. You could use any yarn fo your choosing for these. A natural fibre will generate more warmth, and if you’re going to be wearing them often then you’ll want the yarn to be a hard wearing one.

All you need is 4 squares in any design. Make them to fit the palm of your hand (or the hand of the person you’re making them for. Slightly too small is better than slightly too big. You can then join down the sides – leaving room for a thumb and then add rounds around the top and bottom. You might want to make a few more rounds than I did.

You’re options for this truly are endless!

I’ll be showing the members of my Hooked on Crochet Club exactly how I made these gloves in our week 2 hook and learn session.

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Seona x

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