The perfect crochet project.

How many times have you searched and found the perfect crochet project only to be disapppointed?

What was it that disappointed you? Was it because you just didn’t enjoy making it? Or because you couldn’t follow the pattern so you found yourself constantly frustrated? Or maybe you got stuck on how to make some of the stitches?

What ever the reason, there is nothing more disheartening than finding that perfect project, the one you’ve been dreaming of making, only to get part way through and find that you just couldn’t finish it.

That is why I started designing washcloths and releasing a new one every month.

Washcloths are the perfect crochet project!

They’re not the perfect project that anyone is usually looking for, but they are a wonderful learning tool to help you to learn new techniques and stitches. And when you master more techniques and stitches, that perfect project that you find is less likely to disappoint you.

Ask my Hooked on Crochet Club members! They get my new washcloth pattern every month for free and many of them make them month in, month out because they love to learn something new. And in the process of learning, they’re also making something that can be used around the house or given as a gift to someone.

So what stopped you from making your perfect project? What is it that you need to learn that will make you be able to finish that perfect project? What could making a washcloth every month help you to learn?

With over 30 washcloths in my collection now, there are oodles of opportunities to learn something new! Why not check them out? You can learn different stitches and stitch designs, different borders that you can apply to your own project after, and different crochet techniques. And with a new one coming out every month, you’ll never stop learning!

Which one will you start with? Let me know!

Seona x

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