Temperature Blankets

If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ve quite possibly seen my temperature blankets. I started making them in 2020 and found them to be a lot more fun than I expected!

If you’re not sure what a temperature blanket is, then let me quickly explain. They’re a blanket that you make based on the temperatures in your city (or location of your choosing). You assign colours within a temperature range and then you add to the blanket when the temperature is met. You can use the maximum or minimum temperature (or both) and it can be quite fun to create them.

The blankets take a bit of planning and the beuaty of them is that no two blankets will ever be the same! Unless of course you make two using the same colours in a single year. There is a variety of ways that they can be constructed too, so I have created a handy guide for helping you to figure it all out which you can download here. My preference is to make them with squares as they are less time consuming and the final size is more predictable than rows.

Below are two of my blankets – the one with the flowers is from 2021 and has the minimum and maximum temperatures, the one without the flowers is my 2020 blanket and only inlcudes the maximum temperatures. I’m in the process of making my 2022 blanket – and you can catch daily updates in my instagram stories daily and in my feed from time to time as well.

For 2023 I am planning on making two blankets. Crazy I know! I really want to go back to the basics of the first blanket, but I also enjoy following the minimum temperatures so I have decided to make one for the maximum and one for the minimum. Now I reserve the right to change my mind once 2023 starts! But I do really want to do have some simple ones again. I’ve also chosen more muted, natural colours for 2023 as well as I really want to see a “pixellated” effect of more closely matching colours.

All I can do is try i tout for a year and if I don’t like it, then I do differently the next year! If you’re looking to create your own blanket, then be sure to grab my free download as it really will help you plan it out and keep track of your colours too.

Will you be making a blanket in 2023? What will be your plan for it? I would love to here it, so be sure to follow me on instragram or facebook and let me know!

Seona x

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