Pick a washcloth…

I’ve just finished my third series of washcloths and I’m ready to embark on my forth! Many of you might wonder why I bother designing and making so many and here is why…

Washcloths are a wonderful tool for learning.

The beauty of a washcloth is that it is a small enough project to keep a beginner motivated and a large enough project for an experienced crocheter to whip up quickly as an inbetween project. This means that it is a perfect opportunity for someone to try out a new stitch or technique without all of the overwhelm. And if it is less than perfect it doesn’t really matter because it will be used for cleaning and isn’t expected to last forever.

There are some other additional side bonuses with washcloths too. If made with cotton then it is also environmentally friendly as it can be composted afterwards! If you want to try out different cottons it’s a nice size project to decide if you like it or not. They can be a perfect stash buster too! You can also think of them as a gauge swatch if you want to create a blanket or something else from the design.

So far I have created three series of washcloths, all with a different focus. Series 1 was focussed on teaching different stitch designs. Series 2 was focussed on different borders. And Series 3 were created to the theme of either texture, rounds or rows, just like the projects in the Hooked on Crochet Club.

So where do you think you need more practice? Or what would you like to learn next? Below are images from the some of the washcloths in each series. Which one’s are calling to you? There are just sooooo many now! Scroll through and see and there might be a bundle bonus at the end…

Did you see any that you liked? Any stitches that you want to learn? Or maybe you could see a different design in one or two of them that you could turn them into – maybe a blanket or a top or a cushion? Or maybe there is a border that you could see adding to your next blanket. There is so much that can be created once you know what to do. And every single one of these patterns provides instructions on how to make the design bigger if you want to make something else.

Consider these a stepping stone to something bigger and better!

If you want them all and want an an awesome discount, then the best option is to add each of the already discounted bundles to your cart and an automatic 40% discount without any coupons. Head here to have a look and decide. I’m excited for you to start learning more!

And if you like the idea of learning more crochet, then I urge you to check out the Hooked on Crochet Club. It has been designed with learning in mind.

Seona x

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