Uses for a Granny Square Motif

We’ve recently finished our Square a Day Challenge and I suspect a number of you might have some granny squares and you have no idea what to do with them. Which is why this month I am giving you a super simple solution…

If you have a single square then it’s easy to just sew them onto something! In this example I have crocheted it onto the flap of this bag. It has two advantages of making the bag look even cuter and doubling as a pocket!

You can add them onto almost anything and if sewing isn’t your thing, then you can glue it on to. Jeans or jacket pockets are another simple option. Or you can patch up some pants or other items of clothing.

Where else do you think you could add them?

I’ll be showing my Clubhouse members exactly how I added this motif in our week 2 Hook and Learn lesson in the Clubhouse. Every week in the Hooked on Crochet Club I have a live tutorial that covers a pre-planned project or a tutorial for a stitch or technique that members need on a current project – either their own or a clubhouse one.

Not a member of the Hooked on Crochet Club? Add your name to the waitlist! Doors are only open a few times of year so you don’t want to to miss out.

Seona x

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