So I made the mistake of asking my two nieces what they would like me to make for them.  The oldest one picked first – she said a unicorn!  So we went on to pinterest and browsed pictures of unicorns until we found one we both liked that I could get the pattern for.  My second niece then said she would like a unicorn too.

Don’t get me wrong – these are the most adorable unicorns.  But I have a love hate relationship with amigurumi.  They always look so adorable and so sweet, but when you start to make them and realise how much counting there is to do, it gets brain numbing.

But anyways. I bought the pattern.  This one from Marina Chuchkalova called Sweet Unicorn.  I also made the mistake of not reading it before I started and realising after that that I needed parts for the arms and eyes.  I tried my trusty ‘yarns for all’ website and thankfully found all that I needed here.

The pattern is easy to follow.  There are a few things I should have done differently.  I probably should have used a smaller hook size for the body – I’m still trying to get my head around hook sizes for amigurumi.  I say that mostly because my unicorns seemed much bigger and the stitches should probably have been much tighter.  I went with the size hook the yarn said when I think I should have gone a size smaller.  I also ended up changing the hair to make it seem longer – so instead of 50 chains for the hair I did 80. I should have gone up a hook size for the hair instead – but again I didn’t read the pattern properly first.

So the yarn I used – was trusty Knit Picks Brava Sport.  It has lots of colours to choose from and is a well priced premium acrylic.  The only part that wasn’t this yarn was the sparkly yarn I had in my stash and used on the horn –  it was sparkle by clare.  It came in a subscription box but I have found it online here.  You really don’t need much so I would have used a plain yarn if I didn’t have the sparkle in stock.

If you can get over the counting, then amigurumi is fun.  I love seeing the parts come alive and it just gets cuter and cuter as you make it and it all becomes more ‘real’.  I can see the flaws in these unicorns, but my nieces are thrilled with them!


seona xx

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